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Sound too good to be true?

Learn how American Cancer Society's Relay for Life used online community to, not
only empower its supporters, but also to amplify its fundraising efforts.
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March 29-31, Baltimore, MD
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Don't miss the chance to talk online community with the folks that power some of the largest fundraising communities.
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SWL NetworkOur platform provides the collaboration, connection, communication and sharing capabilities you need.  Our team builds purpose-based communities that are tailored to your organization and your audience.
About Small World Labs

What Makes Small World Labs Different?

Not only does Small World Labs Community™ have the features you need, but our team of community experts also leads your organization through the process of creating an online experience that is tailored to fit the requirements of your audience.  Our ongoing support gives you a person you can always call plus a community engagement team that ensures your success.  Return on investment metrics needed to share with senior management and quantify success? We've got you covered.

Why Small World Labs?
Small World Labs has been an excellent partner in helping us reach our organizational goals. Relative to their offline counterparts, we’ve found that members within our online community start fundraising earlier, set higher goals, achieve those goals more often, and raise more money (352%) for Relay for Life. — Joe Prosperi, Lead, Relay for Life Product Management
American Cancer Society

What are the Results?

300-900% Increase in Engagement and Time on site
Member Retention
Social Sharing
Event Attendence

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  • The Power of Hello
    A simple welcome -- "Hello. It's good to see you!" -- can be as powerful in your online community as it is out in the real word. I was shopping at my local mall recently and went into an international women's clothing store to grab just a couple of things. I knew exactly what I wanted, so I know I could have easily found those items, ... Read More