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Do you remember when Facebook Pages first debuted? It seemed too good to be true--direct access to the members who loved you most, right on the homepage of their most-visited website. With the rise of smart phones, your organization was literally in your members’ pockets at all times. And best of all, it was free! Unfortunately, it didn’t last. As more ... Read More
Posted by Ashley Blom on Online Community Jan 6, 2016 12:57 PM CST
Have you made your New Year's resolutions yet? I'm not talking about losing weight or getting your finances in better shape; I'm talking about New Year's resolutions for your online community.   Read More
Posted by Summer Huggins on Online Community Dec 17, 2015 1:15 PM CST
First comes Thanksgiving, then two days of bargain-hunting, and finally, a day to give back. Giving Tuesday helps us pause from our daily routine and think about how we can make a difference for others. Here at Small World Labs, we’re gearing up to join forces with our new colleagues from Personify, for a volunteer day next Wednesday at the Capital ... Read More
Posted by Jeremy Demers on Online Community Dec 1, 2015 2:56 AM CST
Yesterday was a big day for all of us at Small World Labs. Personify, Inc. made a 100% investment in Small World Labs.    As we celebrate this moment, we want to help explain to our clients and partners why this is happening and what it means for you. We've assembled a great team at Small World Labs, and that team has helped build the best ... Read More
Posted by Michael Wilson on Online Community Nov 10, 2015 1:33 PM CST
Austin, TX (November 9, 2015) – Personify, Inc. (Personify), the leading provider of software solutions for  association and member-focused organizations has announced the strategic acquisition of Small World Labs, an online community and social collaboration platform that enables organizations to connect, engage and collaborate with ... Read More
Posted by Jeremy Demers on Online Community Nov 9, 2015 1:35 PM CST
If you've been wondering how to use your community to promote large in-person events, we've got a few ideas for you. Your online community is full of your volunteers, members and advocates -- an audience already interested in your message. So utilize that platform to amplify your messages -- and your attendees -- for real-life events. Read More
Posted by Karen Browning on Online Community Oct 26, 2015 9:20 AM CDT
It’s an exciting time for Small World Labs. Not only is our 10 year anniversary right around the corner, but we’ve also recently packed up and moved to a new office that better reflects our culture and will give us space to grow. Read More
Posted by Jeremy Demers on Online Community Sep 14, 2015 1:44 PM CDT
Whether you're implementing your new community for the first time, or looking for ways to increase engagement in an established community, including videos should definitely be on your to-do list. Don't be intimidated by the thought of creating MTV-style videos for your community -- you don't need a full production team and editing studio. You simply need a plan.   Read More
Posted by Summer Huggins on Online Community Jun 24, 2015 5:49 PM CDT
Small World Labs CEO Michael Wilson recently joined Joe Prosperi from the American Cancer Society and Megan Keane from the Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network (NTEN) on a Nonprofit Radio segment entitled "Creating Communities." Hosted by Tony Martignetti, the show featured a great discussion on the importance of online communities within today's nonprofits and the impacts, both foreseen and unforeseen, that they can have.  Click here to hear the interview in its entirety . Here are a few snippets from the interview.     Read More
Posted by Community Admin on Online Community Jun 1, 2015 9:00 AM CDT
If you’ve flown with them recently, it’s easy to see why Southwest Airlines continues to rank among the top two airlines in customer satisfaction. It’s a company-wide, well-ingrained understanding that you have a choice in flying—and they hope you’ll choose Southwest Airlines. So every interaction you have with a Southwest employee, from the happy smile at check-in to the chuckle-inducing arrival announcement, is innovatively engineered to assure you they value your business.    Read More
Posted by Carol O'Brien on Online Community Apr 30, 2015 11:43 AM CDT
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