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Small World Labs by Personify

In November of 2015 Small World Labs was acquired by Personify, the leading provider of software solutions for association and member-focused organizations. Click here to view the press release.

Small World Labs Community is now one of Personify's core products for associations and nonprofit organizations.

Our Mission

We help organizations better understand, engage, and serve their supporters.  Small World Labs by Personify provides new ways to bring people together for a purpose.

Our Story

I grew up as the child of two deaf parents.  As kids, we are adaptable, everything is "normal" to us, and I had a "normal" childhood.  My parents pushed me a lot, but whose don't?  I have an older brother and sister who are hearing, and we grew up together.  It wasn't until later on in life that I started to realize some of the things that made my personal experiences different...

Our Story and Why it MattersOur Story and Why it Matters
By moving our previous online community to Small World Labs, we were able to improve the online experience for our supporters and learn more about them at the same time. That's win-win. — Julie Lubinsky, Manager of Web Production and Social Media
Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation
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